The Importance of Lift Servicing and Platform Servicing

In today’s fast-paced world, the significance of maintaining reliable vertical transportation systems cannot be overstated. Whether in commercial buildings, residential complexes, or industrial facilities, lifts and platforms play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and convenient movement. At Royal Lifts Australia, we emphasise the critical nature of regular lift servicing and platform servicing to enhance safety, extend lifespan, and prevent costly repairs.

Why Lift Servicing Matters:

  1. Safety First: The foremost reason for regular lift servicing is to ensure the safety of all users. A well-maintained lift significantly reduces the risk of accidents, breakdowns, and malfunctions. Regular inspections and servicing identify potential issues before they become serious problems, ensuring that all safety mechanisms are functioning correctly.
  2. Prolonged Lifespan: Like any mechanical system, lifts experience wear and tear over time. Regular servicing can extend the lifespan of your lift by addressing minor issues before they escalate. This proactive approach helps avoid major lift repairs and the associated costs.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: In many regions, lifts must comply with strict safety and performance standards. Regular lift servicing ensures that your lift meets all regulatory requirements, helping you avoid legal issues and potential fines.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Preventive maintenance is always more cost-effective than reactive maintenance. Regular servicing can prevent major lift repairs, which can be costly and disruptive to building operations. By investing in regular maintenance, you save money in the long run.

The Necessity of Platform Servicing

  1. Ensuring Accessibility: Platforms, especially those designed for individuals with disabilities, must be in top condition to ensure accessibility. Regular platform servicing guarantees that these systems are reliable and safe for all users.
  2. Minimising Downtime: For businesses, platform downtime can result in significant operational disruptions. Regular servicing minimises the risk of unexpected breakdowns, ensuring that platforms are always available when needed.
  3. Enhancing Performance: Regular maintenance keeps platforms operating at peak performance. This includes ensuring smooth operation, optimal speed, and the reliability of control systems. Proper servicing can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of platforms, which is important for businesses that value a professional appearance.
  4. Preventing Major Platform Repairs: Just like lifts, platforms are susceptible to wear and tear. Regular platform servicing can identify and address issues early, preventing the need for major platform repairs. This not only saves money but also ensures the longevity of your platform.

Key Aspects of Lift and Platform Servicing

  1. Routine Inspections: Regular inspections are crucial for identifying potential issues. These inspections should be thorough, covering all mechanical, electrical, and safety components.
  2. Lubrication and Cleaning: Proper lubrication of moving parts and cleaning of key components are essential for smooth operation. This helps reduce friction, prevent wear, and ensure optimal performance.
  3. Safety Tests: Conducting safety tests is a vital part of lift servicing and platform servicing. These tests ensure that all safety features, such as emergency brakes and alarms, are functioning correctly.
  4. Addressing Minor Repairs: During servicing, minor repairs should be addressed promptly. This includes fixing any worn-out parts, tightening loose components, and making necessary adjustments.
  5. Updating Software and Systems: Modern lifts and platforms often include sophisticated control systems. Regular updates to software and systems are necessary to maintain compatibility with the latest safety standards and improve overall functionality.

At Royal Lifts Australia, we are committed to providing top quality lift servicing and platform servicing to ensure the safety, reliability, and longevity of your vertical transportation systems. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and preventing costly lift repairs and platform repairs through proactive maintenance.


Regular lift servicing and platform servicing are essential for maintaining the safety, performance, and longevity of your vertical transportation systems. By investing in routine maintenance, you can prevent major lift repairs and platform repairs, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance the overall efficiency of your systems. Trust Royal Lifts Australia for all your lift and platform servicing needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are in expert hands.

For more information on our services, or to schedule a servicing appointment, please contact us today. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.